Sourcing organic matter- Derbyshire

So I had been thinking about suitable and meaningful organic matter to burn out and leave negative traces within the clay body. ( even the terminology lends itself to self portrait/ figurative ideas) I had to take a trip home to Derbyshire and this made me think about multi locational references within the sample. Or to think about multi locational columns in places which have a meaning for me. So obviously, I was born and grew up in Derbyshire and still have family there. There are other locations which I could also site these works. In terms of organic matter, from this trip I collected leaves which collect on my fathers grave every autumn. I collected plant material from my mothers home as I left to come home to Norfolk. I collected other significant material from places in the village from my childhood. All to be included in clay and be fired out to leave a negative space. This thinking quite obviously led me to consider the work of Racheal Whiteread and her work making negative spaces positve.