Derbyshire Visit-Hunting for Pinxton Pottery

SO I returned once again to Derbyshire as I knew I was able to source some clay from family members in their gardens, but I also wanted to try to find the location of the pottery I had been researching. This visit really brought home to me the amount of change in the area and change of land use. There are scenes painted on Pinxton Porcelain of local views by William Billingsley ( probably romanticised at the time) on ceramics which at the time would have been very expensive but now fetch huge amounts of money. It would be interesting to see if I could work out where those views were now.

I went to the general area where I thought it could be based on the research I had done on the area after several hours of walking the landscape I thought I might have found it. The location was a property used for Lorry repair with a stone barn in disrepair on the grounds. Working on a lorry was a man, bending over an engine showing two thirds of his bottom. He was around five years older than me. I gave him a shout to ask whether he knew anything about the pottery and he said he hadn't heard of one in the area and to 'ask at the corner shop'. wheich thenled to me going to the village hall and subsequently finding out that yes, it was indeed on his property!