WIP show up and running!

I was actually really pleased with the outcome of the work, as in it was as I had imagined it to be. I was really interested in the way the work dominated the space, although in a corner. The audio rose gradually so that people started to raise their voices until the sound shut off with a dramatic cut . I was intrigued by observing their reactions. Obviously the audio was intentionally invasive and was intended to mirror the rise and fall of industrial noise with the decline and closure of industries. The light was fully intended to represent the heat of the firing process and echo the heat and light of industrial facilities but I am acutely aware that they could be considered cliched . Sculpture work is an area I am finding my feet in and in some respects I suppose it would be like sticking a photo of a train on Claude Monet's, 'La Gare Saint-Lazare' and adding a steam engine noise in the background. However, I think there was integrity in the decisions I made.