Cley 18 Proposal

Even though the exhibition last year was geared towards ceramics I thought I would enter an idea which might push my research and direction in a particular way and force a bit more depth of enquiry.

This is some of the information from the proposal....

I have referenced the writings of Thomas Browne within my own research and his examination of the practice of hydriotaphia (roman or Saxon urn Burials) within the Norfolk landscape. What intrigues me is not the ‘burial’ but the use of a ceramic vessel which is buried and perhaps never seen again. The notion that this object is present in its absence in a known location haunts the mind. For this proposal I intend to produce eight vessels as four pairs (Compass directions; but also refer to the points on the cross and the plan of a church) I would attempt to source clay from the indicated direction directly from the land to form a slip. One of each pair would be placed within an area of the church indicating that direction and one buried somewhere along that direction line. ( eg Sheringham, Hunstanton, Cley beach and Wymondham) This process may also allude to archaeology and the value of objects.

Blue dots represent the vessels in the church and buried in location, the church diagram is generic.