Interview with Charlie Poulsen and Pauline Burbidge at the City Art Centre Edinburgh

I Found myself stumbling upon an amazing exhibition at the City art Centre in Edinburgh. I was lucky enough to be able to hold a short interview with Charlie on the day.

I felt a real affinity in the way Charlie Poulsen was working and where I felt I wanted to be in terms of conveying a narrative and emotion through the work but also the correlation and relationship between two dimensional work and the sculptural pieces.

I asked Charlie among other practical questions, how he felt about working in two and three dimensions. This is becoming, perhaps wrongly an issue for me. Feeling the need to decide on an identity for the work I make. He succinctly told me that it didn't matter. that if I was making 'the work' then whichever art form it came through in was the correct one and that any viewer would see the truth in the work and they would organically link together.

I felt buoyed by this, and began looking at other peoples bodies of work and began to realise that my angst was unfounded as so many artists work in a multi disciplinary way!