Scottish National Gallery

A number of things;

Was really nice to touch base with some of the great painters ( Rembrandt, Canaletto etc) in this wonderful collection.

Amazing how the Rembrandt self portrait follows you around..Those eyes! But also very interesting to compare Francesco Guardi's expressive versions of Venice to Canaletto's almost static snapshots of the city. Having been, I think I now much prefer Guardi's work.

I was also able to see a joint contemporary art exhibition by the SSA and VAS groups. I was drawn to a number of peoples work for a variety of reasons but a few things to note in particular.

Firstly, on the whole , ceramic work once again relegated to the last room you visit / gallery shop and again, usually on a plinth. However, I was really pleased by the standard of the work and methods used for showing. Some of these are indicated below.