Cambridge Sedgwick Museum

So I have been to the Sedgwick museum today to have a look at some geological examples. I was particularly interested in going to see the core samples they hold but was a little bit underwhelmed. However, it was very interesting to see the 'inclusions' to the rock samples like shell or other rocks but also to see how pressure and heat changed the rock, creating faultlines and different strata.

What was also really interesting was the fossilised plant matter. it reminded me of how I want to include organic matter in the clay to burn out and these fossils seem to show echoes of the material that was once there. This would be a long process too which hinted at the time aspect of my work but they also reminded me of photography and cyanotypes, again capturing time. there is a strange link here as one of the samples I was interested in is from portugal, where I was involved with ceramics last year!