Innovations in Ceramics Cambridge - Discussions with other practitioners.

Diane Horne- working in Cardiff.

I was interested in her construction techniques and how she was able to 'print' onto clay with such similar qualities found on an etched paper surface. we discussed how she did this and her studio in Wales.

Sarah Villeneau and Wendy Campbell- .Interestingly, the 'fine art ' pieces had been displayed in a different area to the ceramics 'for sale' (more vessel like , or pieces of work often found in gallery shops rather than 'installed'). This felt almost like a role reversal of what is found in the usual gallery setting. I had long discussions about how their work sat together and the construction techniques used.

I had a long discussion with Stephen Murfitt a ceramicist from Ely about how he fires larger pieces of work and he told me about building a gas kiln in sections which I think I would like to try as the piece i intend needs to be figure size.

I had a short conversation with Chris Keenan who worked with Edmund de waal about production potting with porcelain.

I also spoke to Matthew Blakely about how he broke down rocks to make surface glazes. Mathew is someone who I would like to have a longer discussion with as our work has similar concerns about material and location. I found out that he came across an iron bowl and rod which he uses once the rocks are heated.