Emailing the Fitzwilliam and Derby Museum

From: scott stuart <> Date: Monday, 26 March 2018 at 09:57 To: "" <>, "Wallis, Jonathan" <> Subject: Enquiry for Masters Degree

Good Morning,

I am currently studying a Masters Degree at the Norwich University of the Arts. I have developed an interest in Pinxton Pottery and the decorative work of William Billingsley. I believe you may have work in your collection which relates to this and wondered if I could make an appointment to view the pieces and discuss the work with you or one of your colleagues. I would also be interested in any further information you may have about the site or the workings of the pottery.

I’m from Pinxton and have been considering ways to produce work which highlights the lost potteries in the area and raise social awareness of them once again. I am currently working with local clays to produce a variety of experimental works which I would be happy discuss should I come to visit.

Kind regards,

Scott Stuart