Derbyshire road trip to find painted views now!

So I wanted to see if I could find the romanticised scenes painted by Billingsley from the locations described on the ceramics I saw at the museum.

After much driving around and taking my mother on a 'day out' ( although she found it as much of a puzzle and case as I did) These were the views I found around matlock , pretty much from the same angle as those on the pots .

What is quite odd is that a plastics factory is built pretty much on the site of the old factory...

But, something that distressed me was the view of the hall. I used to play in the brook nearby this hall as a child and have fond memories of a wild area and an area out of bounds where the hall was. Here is the view on the pottery...

These are the best photographs I could take in the light , but this is the same view now.