Lowestoft and ceramic links

So through conversation with Tamlin Lundberg (ceramicist) I discovered that Lowestoft also had a porcelain factory and also that the 'Time and Tide museum' held a core sample of the area , so I went to investigate. The core sample was not especially amazing, nor where the examples of Lowestoft ceramics although some things touched me. I was taken by the photographs of Tony Ray Jones showing daily life in Britain during the 60's and how some of the images reminded me of life in the 70's through the world of my grandparents. How somehow, elements of life become frozen for a generation. An example may be the hairstyles kept by women from the times of their teenage years or items of clothing.

Something else which resonated with me here was the ceramic bobbins used to make lace and the lung medicine. My mother is probably on my mind and her terminal illness from working in the textile industry in Nottinghamshire.

What's also interesting is the link to the lace curtain. I remember my Grandfather putting them up at home just like this.